Cycling across Europe: From the North Cape to France, passing through the whole of Europe

I'm getting ready to cycle across Europe on an extraordinary 30,000 km journey, which will start in the icy North Cape in Norway and take me through the continent's varied landscapes. This journey will take me through many countries, allowing me to discover and appreciate the diversity of European cultures.

Departure from North Cape

My journey will begin at the northernmost point of Europe, the North Cape in Norway, where the vast expanses of ice will provide a spectacular backdrop for the start of this adventure.

Scandinavia and Iceland

First I'll head down through Norway to Oslo, then south to Denmark. From there, a ferry will take me to Iceland, where Reykjavik will be a memorable stopover. After crossing Iceland, I'll return to Denmark to continue my journey through continental Europe.

Across Northern and Western Europe

My journey will continue through Germany, before taking me through the Netherlands and Belgium. Then I'll take a ferry to the UK, where I'll travel through England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, before finishing this British leg by returning to England.

The Iberian Peninsula

After that, I'll be crossing to Spain by ferry from Plymouth in England, exploring Portugal and Spain from north to south, before setting off again from Barcelona for the islands of the Mediterranean.

Exploring the Mediterranean

I'll be visiting Sardinia and Sicily, then heading back up to mainland Italy. After covering the length of the Italian boot, I'll cross northwards to explore the Alpine landscapes of Switzerland and Austria. Then I'll head back down to the Adriatic coast via Slovenia.

Crossing the Balkans

The route will take me through Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Greece, then on to Turkey.

Back to the North

I'll then go on to Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Finland, Sweden and Norway

After reaching Finland, I'll head north to the North Cape in Norway, then back down through Sweden towards France.

Tour de France

The grand finale of this incredible adventure will be a complete tour of France, exploring its diverse regions and picturesque landscapes. I also hope to have the opportunity to meet you and share moments of this great adventure with you.

Autonomous Adventure: Powered by the Community

This cycling epic will not only be a huge physical challenge, but also a profound exploration of Europe's cultural and geographical diversity. At each stage of my journey, I'll be revealing new facets of this rich and varied continent, and sharing these unique experiences with you.

I will be embarking on this fantastic adventure without the support of sponsors, relying mainly on the hospitality of the people I meet along the way and on postcard sales to meet my food requirements. This approach will highlight the importance of human encounters and generosity, elements that I hope to promote throughout my journey.

For those who wish to support me directly, it will be possible to order postcards which I will send from each country I visit. Each card will be an open window onto the cultures and landscapes I will discover, and your support will make a major contribution to the continuation of this unique adventure.

Financial Support for Logistical Expenses

While I'm counting on your moral support and encouragement to enrich this trip, the practical realities of this journey also require financial support. An online kitty will therefore be set up to help cover some essential expenses. These include ferry links between Denmark and Iceland, England and Spain, as well as crossings between Spain and Sardinia, and from Sardinia to Italy, among other expenses. Your contribution to this fund will help to ensure the continuity and success of this unique trip.